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Anonymous: Yaz, I dont know anymore. I always thought I was a poet, but now I'm doubting myself, Its hard to write poems now, because I feel like I'm just trying to make everything sound beautiful, and I havent really got much to write about, like heartbreak or loss, what do I do, I want to cry so bad. I'm a poet and a writer I know I am, but Its hard to push out the words or the concept because I dont have stuff to write about. (cont)


(Cont) I have so many unfinished poems, that I dont even know what the fuck are about, I’m really doubting everything I write, and what the hell I’m doing. please help me.

Baby, no one can take the writer out of you. If you don’t have anything to say right now, then that’s okay. You go out and you live and you love and the words are going to come back and it’s gonna be just like they never left. BECAUSE YOU’RE A WRITER AND YOU ARE CAPABLE AND I BELIEVE IN YOU.




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how to make good art

  • forgive yourself for whatever youre ashamed of and let yourself be happy
  • do it because you want to, not because youve got something to prove
  • remember to drink lotsa agua or else bad time
  • dont stress friend, all is well
  • know its okay to make mistakes
  • take the thoughts…